Scripting Saturdays: creating your bibliography

by BonnieRobin Mariela Watau

In our fifth week of Scripting Saturdays, we cover creating your bibliography in seconds versus days. Just the sort of scaling your time invested covered in Scaling Time, which hit #13 on Amazon Kindle in its launch week! We are honored and delighted to have multiple recommendations by Richard Cushing, a sought-after consultant in supply chain optimization, to tweet out his enthusiastic endorsements for our new business parable equipping leaders to scale their attention from 20 seconds to 20 years.  Our first 5-star review comes from London banker Moorad Choudhry, where he writes “worth reading this for the quotes alone, I particularly identify with the ‘learning to love’ mantra.”


Getting Hyperlinks

This Visual Basic (VBA) Script, Get Hyperlinks, is both short and powerful, (you want the code by strongm (MIS) of 4 Dec 12 06:10). Yet it will fail under MS-Word 2010 if you have Word-embedded Table of Contents fields, so run this before you create|embed your ToC.

Paul Beverley has a great intro, Beginners Start Here on getting comfortable with macros and installing your first one.

Here is an example of the results of running, Get Hyperlinks: It generated the complete link bibliography for a 400+ page document in just a few seconds!

scripting saturday get hyperlinks macro

Until next time, happy writing!

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