Lean Startup Experiment: Radical Innovation in no-merchant fee webinar registration

This Elegant eMail™ webinar equips you to create messaging that resonates with your audience. Are you ‘Crafting Y.o.u.r. Message’ or just sending out emails? If your Grandma asked you, can you give real-world examples of the artistry of crafting Your Own Unique Resonating Message and why that message is worth your readers’ time and attention? The ‘Crafting a Message that Resonates’ Webinar delivers what you need to do just that!

WHO: Those ambitious people who want to grow their email writing skill and message quality. If you want quick and easy, go elsewhere. Finely-honed effective messaging is worth the work!

WHAT: Creating messages that resonate with your audience takes both ear and voice. We have to stop talking to hear. Listen with your ear and your heart, because heart speaks to heart before mind is open to mind (cor ad cor & all that). Creating a resonant voice, spoken or written, takes both style and substance, a fact lost on most marketers… (ahem!)

WHY: Voicing the right notes to harmonize with the song your audience longs to hear is so far beyond the pale of mere analytics it creates the coveted “lean startup unfair advantage.” While some technical proficiency is a must, allowing data to overshadow message is like singing a note perfectly in tune, but from the wrong song!

HOW: Broad themes focus our efforts on clarity, discrete details deliver that clarity to our audience. Many of the important details in creating messages that resonate with your audience are at the sub-word level and go unnoticed, yet they create the overtones that bring or break the harmony we all need to feel understood.

Join us for a peek into the world of Elegant eMail™ and learn to craft the music behind your words as a song other people will want to sing.

WHEN: We have a *very* different value proposition, so too our schedule: we will host this 1-hour webinar for only $20 (USD) per person when 60 people have prepaid and registered.

The Lean Startup Experiment is in the registration portion.

Having taken the survey, you’ve decided that you are willing to participate in radical innovation for the sake of exploring new pathways. Here’s a real world example: Let’s host a webinar with no merchant processing fees!

Our threshold is 60 in-branch registrations from hopefully more than 10 states. The price is set ridiculously low for the experiment, but in aggregate, it covers the development and admin costs for hosting. If we get 60 total registrations, we’ll host the webinar. If the count falls short, we’ll conduct skype sessions with any registrants to fulfill our commitments. In counting registrants, we’ll not follow the example of Gen 18.

Here’s all you do:

For anyone who lives near a Chase branch, walk in on Saturday the 28th, Monday the 30th or Tuesday the 1st and tell the teller you want to deposit $20 into the account for Systems Thinking Institute LLC, in Cedar Creek, Texas, 78612. (You shouldn’t need the account number, that is part of the test for this deposit exercise!) That should be all the information they need. If they give you static, tell them you’re part of a test to pay for a webinar without merchant fees and their refusal to accept a deposit will be recorded and tracked as a branch fail.

For those not near a branch, simply pay online via spacebox for the webinar (remember the goal is 60 brick-n-mortar in-person payments from 10 states!) then register on the Rock Eel Digital webinar page (the secure payment page will send you there automatically). The simplest way to confirm your in-person payment is to snap an image of the deposit and email it to register (at) stipress.com.

In-branch registrants get the following extra gifts:

  • 5 phone coaching sessions 1:1 (or group if you prefer), with Matt Weilert, in our unique 12-minute format for laser focus on your email specifics. That hour alone is a $300 (USD) value, so your ROI is off the charts if you’re an analytics type.
  • Unlimited email support for 19 days, one cycle in the “Now to Then & Back Again” Personal Productivity Practice, introduced in our Senior Executives Retreat, 19 Days to Business Intimacy: A fortnight plus five.
  • A free book of your choice (pre-press PDF not dead tree edition) from our launch catalog.

All that for $20 plus the webinar is what @RDCushing calls a Mafia Offer: an offer you can’t refuse! We suspect a great many will, because the no-merchant-fee practical test is a radically simple, yet disruptively innovative idea that questions many of our assumptions about banking and so-called “personal convenience” in a lean startup experiment.

Those wigged out by the practical implementation of the no-merchant-fee exercise, have the option of paying online conventionally, they just don’t get the extra goodies.

Let’s recap:

The Elegant eMail™ webinar will leverage your capacity to craft messages that resonate with your audience. The payment has both an on-line (snooze) and an off-line option (wowza!).

What you do

What you get

  • Mailchimp-tested CSS for building your brand: the specifics for
    • service mark
    • trademark
    • registered trademark (“circle-R”)
  • and your readers’ understanding with the
    • acronym element.
  • “Threshold techniques” to help your readers over the inertia of composing a comment with fully pre-formatted email:
    • addressees
    • subject line
    • body content

so that it auto-populates merely by clicking on the mailto: link.

This is the heart of elegance for emailing: granting your readers that precious push over the threshold to actually comment on a given topic of the day. This pre-formatting technique is 1 more arrow in the quiver full of concepts we call Elegant eMail™.

The secret to emails that resonate goes beyond good writing: it’s crafting the music behind your words as a song other people will want to sing.

We hope you’ll join us in this radically innovative in-branch payment experiment!

and that you’ll join us for the webinar however you choose to pay.

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