Double your productivity with Zapier & Unbounce

One of my favorite digital doyennes, Teri Simonton, (@pixelmongress), thought I was kidding when I said “sign up for our time-compression option” in my playful tweet recently.

Unlike the vast majority, it’s central to our role of discovering residual risks to ask questions or make recommendations that strike average people as outlandish, ridiculous and obscure. In lean startup terms, it’s a customer fit test. It’s also why our enterprise and larger clients must qualify for engagements.

Spyglass superimposed on Lighthouse with Japanese woodcut waves
Image: © 2012 Alexandra Ionescu, used by permission.
With the martial arts premise that only the humble can learn (skip to end of LI comment), we teach those who are willing to embark on a new path, how to layer their events as they progress up the steps of the lighthouse to rise out of the fog of social media selfies. With consistent and persistent discipline over 2-1/2 week intervals, they can learn to see past the horizon of chaotic froth in the modern media sea.

With timeless truths inspired by Duc in altum deployed in new ways, our Language Leverage program equips leaders with the courage to question the most basic assumptions about how they spend their most precious resource: their time. Here’s a case in point: Today a webinar annoucement comes out from two highly respected companies: Zapier & Unbounce. We’ll be following much of their advice moving forward.

Of course there’s a catch…

Participating in most webinars in real time is out of the question for those who are ruthlessly, unapologetically effective. Why? Media savvy people (or those in polychronic cultures) absorb information some 10-to-30 times faster than the average speaker talks, so we deploy a set of tools to make Hunter Boyle’s Unwebinar video, Beyond Lead Generation, viewable offline.

How do you slice your time?
Image: Rock Eel Digital
With the awesome VLC open source media player, media can be played at multiples of normal speed to truly compress the time it takes to glean the value he has to share. Additionally, having the video offline (for strictly private educational purposes, in keeping with Fair Use doctrine), provides unlimited granularity – you can replay a section or you can watch in 12 minute intervals, because the only chance you have to study is on your 15 minute breaks at work.

The founder of Photoreading, Paul R. Scheele, reports that the majority of the vital information in a resource is contained in only 11% of the document, video, etc., which is what makes executive summaries possible.

Interested in more data-dense navigational charts for the oceans of big data you swim through every day? Sign up for Perspectives from the Stair, where we equip organizations to drive profit (increase retained earnings for non-profits) by resolving the hidden risks in their operations. We wrap up our Q2: 2014 theme of Number Fluency with Perspectives Volume II, Issue 9. Happy Reading!

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