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Join our Reader’s Circle to discover how the Blue Two™ series can expand your horizons.

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Launching our Q3: 2014 theme ‘Cultural Fluency’ with the Blue Two book series Dividing by Zero

[updated 15 Feb 2016]

We’re excited to announce the first 5 titles in the Blue Two series. Like the Star Wars double trilogy, the first volume issued comes midway through the saga of the five titles. The first title issued in the Blue Two series, A Romance of Character launched this set of business fables with a rich and lively cast of characters drawn from around the globe to a special adventure camp in a Wisconsin National Forest.

Business fables are a special class of yarns we spin to mend the rends in our social fabric. These stories reflect back to key players of your value delivery circle, the myths that keep them (and us!) from achieving optimum outcomes.

Book cover concept for Dividing by Zero from Skerja Press
Image: Skerja Press
Set 5 years later, Dividing by Zero provides a rich narrative of how this unlikely team weaves their prior success into a tapestry of living, loving and leading with passion and purpose.

The Blue Two series helps you to see over the horizon and see around corners by raising your perspective. By climbing the steps of the lighthouse, you’ll learn:

  • » how subtle shifts in vantage point can unblock what you’re looking for,
  • » how understanding the differences between relational speech and transactional speech can accelerate your career,
  • » how to apply the timeless truth that “heart speaks to heart before mind is open to mind.”

Invest in your own potential.

Join the Reader’s Circle and be the first to discover how the Blue Two series can
expand your horizons. As a member of the Reader’s Circle, you’ll get the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the authors for ongoing development of the story!

The First Five Titles of the Blue Two series

Those with Ears, Let Them Hear Episode I: The origins of the epic Blue Two saga
Sean’s Quest Episode II: The Century of Progress
A Romance of Character, 2-volume set Episode III, Vol I: A Face on the Platform
A Romance of Character, also available individually Episode III, Vol II: Capture the Flag!
Dividing by Zero Episode IV: Reaching Singularity
Strauss’ 13 Winds Episode V: A Sailor’s Farewell

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