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Business Intimacy viewed favorably in high-tech

Senior staff respond positively to the term Business Intimacy in a recent informal poll conducted during the week of 26 June 2012 in Austin, TX. In lean startup fashion, one of my colleagues conducted an informal poll of the term Business Intimacy. The hypothesis is: “How do technology-based staff view the term Business Intimacy?”

12 engineers across a major semiconductor manufacturer were asked (without value-prompting) to avoid skewing the results. (Read more about interviewer bias.) The sampled program manager and five of six senior engineers responded favorably!

 Comments on term Business Intimacy


+ (Favorable)


Technician turned Engineer


Technician turned Engineer


Masters Degree Engineer


Program Manager


Senior Engineer


Senior Engineer


Senior Engineer


Engineering Contractor





Here are the detailed comments:

Technician turned Engineer (1):

I think it means the working relationship between co-workers and/or what kind of information is exchanged between the two. I think of an intimate business relationship as one where the co-workers are engaged with each other both inside and outside of work so there is a complete mix of working and personal relationships

Technician turned Engineer (2):

Intimacy is a very strong word with sexual connotations and implies to them something very very close and personal, maybe too close when in the business sense.

Masters Degree Engineer:

Workplace affair

Program Manager:

It makes me think about the relationship between a business and its customers. Specifically, what degree of effectiveness a business has with its customer that has a beneficial/detrimental effect on short term and long term sales and the overall C to B or B to B relationship.

Senior Engineer (1):

Sounds like an oxymoron, business by definition should be separated from ones personal life and things someone is intimate with should be family and friends / personal things, not co-workers / business items

Senior Engineer (2):

I see this as pertaining to the level of business relationship, how much each a person knows about the other’s business goals, objectives, obstacles etc. I had a pretty intimate business relationship with a customer when I was an FAE. They would tell me stuff that their upper management didn’t know.

Senior Engineer (3):

I would define it where a business tries to work with the community instead of just providing a product to the community. The business would try to work with the community to become a member of the community. By becoming a member of the community, the citizens of the community would build a loyalty to the business.

Engineering Contractor:

Business intimacy is a measure of a business’s relationship with its customers. Business intimacy is afforded by trust from both parties in order to fulfill each other’s needs.