19 Days: A Fortnight Plus Five

Matthew Weilert, author of 19 Days to Build Business IntimacyAre you frazzled from living moment-to-moment, just surviving day-to-day and trying to plan year to year? You’re not alone; help has arrived!

STI Press is proud to announce the launch of our small-to-mid-market imprint Skerja Press, featuring works which deliver cross-disciplinary insights focused on the technology and finance sectors, from the entrepreneur through mid-market professionals. With the release of 19 Days: A Fortnight Plus Five, a fresh and original take on time and task management comes to a field crowded with books long on technique yet short on long-term thinking. That oscillating word play is intentional. Adopting the “Now to Then & Back Again” mindset of learning to shift our “level of thinking” disrupts the organization defensive routines that derail most personal and professional process improvements.

19 Days isn’t just a book, it’s a movement ‘to reclaim clarity in our lives’” says Matthew E. Weilert, international speaker, author and adviser to billion-dollar brands like Kraft, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, GM & the US Navy.

As we mature through the daily routines of learn, reflect & teach, we see the same scenery yet with an ‘elevated’ perspective. We see farther, beyond the horizon of our prior viewpoint.

Using the change of seasons as “four points of the compass,” this collection of stories and mind-stretching exercises offers a fresh perspective on building Business Intimacy, the widely understood yet all too rarely acknowledged that people have to trust you to tell you what you need to hear rather than what they think you want to hear. The need for:

  • trust
  • intimate business awareness of the details of what works and what doesn’t in your business
  • and the character to speak the truth in love, especially when that truth may challenge the status quo,

has never been greater than the complex, interconnected world in which we live today. 19 Days integrates seamlessly with the Systemkey™ Risk Intelligence Platform, to bring the benefits of business intimacy to the enterprise and beyond.

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